Updated 10/10/21

We live in a world where our phones can track everywhere we go. So why not use that for something cool? Half a decade ago I thought it would be a fun side mission in life to explore as much of the world on foot as possible, and my phone has now tracked 10,000+ miles.

By choosing walking over Uber/transit and deviating slightly from the most efficient route on Google Maps, I can average 6-10 miles (10-16km) of walking and running per day. To log the data I use Arc to passively track me in the background 24/7 – much easier than manually tracking it and data also serves as evidence that I walked all these streets

I’m still deciding what approach I want to take to sharing this data. The drawback here is privacy, so I abandoned plans to make an interactive world map. For now I’ll just manually update this page with maps of cities I have walked, like some sort of art project.

New York City

San Francisco

Los Angeles


Mexico City