Things I Use

I’m surprised that pages like this aren’t common on personal websites. They’re mutually beneficial: readers can discover cool new products, and as a result reduce their cost for the site owner via referral links (disclosure). I wish I could have discovered all this stuff at once instead of slowly over the years, so I hope pages like this become more popular to improve product discovery in the future. 

This page lists all the digital products, apps and services I use, including chrome extensions, apps on my phone’s homescreen, and everything I pay a monthly subscription for. For a list of all the physical products I own check out my onebag page. 

This page is a work in progress.


  • Notion. Notes and collaborative writing app of choice. ($10 credit)
  • Carrd. Website builder of choice for simple one-page websites.
  • WordPress. Website builder for free multiple-page sites.
  • Webflow. Website builder for complex websites.
  • Namecheap. Domain registrar of choice.
  • Pixelmator Pro. MacOS image editing app of choice.
  • Final Cut Pro. MacOS video editing app of choice.
  • Procreate. iOS app for drawing and image editing.
  • Unfold. iOS app with image templates for Instagram stories.


  • Spacious. Affordable coworking in NYC/SF. My fav way to cowork. ($30 credit w/ JMALUF)
  • Croissant. Less affordable than Spacious, but more forgiving location-wise. ($20 credit)
  • WeWork. Even less affordable, even more locations. My fav one is 205 Hudson in Tribeca.
  • Breather. The least affordable option, but also the most private. ($45 credit)


  • Privacy. Burner debit cards for online purchases and subscriptions.
  • 1Password. Password manager of choice for both my laptop and phone.
  • TunnelBear. VPN of choice for both my laptop and phone.
  • Adblock for Chrome. The only chrome adblocker that doesn’t sell your data.
  • Adblock for iOS. The best iOS adblocking app, can be toggled via the widget screen.
  • Disconnect Facebook. Chrome extension that blocks all Facebook pixel tracking.
  • Google Analytics Opt-out. Chrome Extension that opts you out of Google tracking.
  • iCloud. Automatic cloud backups of my laptop and phone, and filesharing between devices.
  • Google Drive. Cheap cloud storage for large files, including a folder with my 100 fav movies.
  • Google Authenticator. 2FA security for Google, Facebook, etc.


  • Twitter. Preferred social media platform. 
  • Instagram. Will delete when Twitter launches stories. 
  • Spotify. Preferred music service.
  • Gyroscope. Health tracking app with friend challenges.


  • Tinder. Dating app that leans towards casual dating.
  • Bumble. Dating app with a mix of everything.
  • Hinge. Dating app that leans towards relationships.


  • MealPal. 70% off lunch and dinner at most restaurants in most cities, takeout only.
  • Chipotle iOS app. Hack for getting burritos ~40% larger on average, also skips the line.
  • Cash Card. Debit card that gets you 10% off Chipotle, Whole Foods. ($5 credit)
  • Aspiration Card. Debit card that refunds *all* international ATM fees. 
  • Smile Always. Chrome extension that ensures every Amazon purchase donates $ to charity.
  • Honey. Chrome extension that lets you know if discount codes are available. ($5 credit)


  • Airbnb. The best way to find places to stay while traveling. ($40 credit)
  • Uber. My go-to ridesharing app. Also has scooters. ($5 credit)
  • Lyft. My backup ridesharing app. Also has scooters. ($5 credit)
  • + too many scooter apps, including Bird ($5), Lime ($3), SkipScoot.


  • MyRadar Pro: The best iOS weather app (I’ve tried them all). Rain data is crazy accurate.
  • Outline. Chrome extension that removes paywalls and formats articles to be easier to read.
  • Wayback Machine. Chrome extension that serves an archived page if you get a 404 error.
  • VidIQChrome extension that improves Youtube by adding analytics.
  • Iridium for YoutubeChrome extension that improves Youtube with a popout video player.
  • Youtube Video Downloader. Chrome extension that adds a download button below videos.
  • Minimo. Chrome extension that gives empty tabs a minimalist look.